To Concert Organizers

The Projects page is intended for concert agencies, promoters, concert hall managers. It contains information on music professionals whom I work with. These musicians are from Moscow, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra (chamber orchestra lineup of up to 10 members)

Folk Instruments Quartet: bayan, balalaika, bass balalaika, domra.

Trio: bayan, domra (balalaika), bass balalaika.

Duet: bayan, balalaika (domra, bass balalaika), or balalaika and bass balalaika.

Accompanied by bayan.

Accompanied by grand piano.

Accompanied by organ.

Performance and lecture accompanied by a multi-instrumentalist.

Quartet: bayan (piano), violin, clarinet, guitar.

Lip-synching for dance parties with the involvement of a live sound engineer.

The lineup of musicians varies depending on the scene, program genre and the subject of the event.

Optional compering.

All technical and financial questions may be addressed directly to

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Peter Lang