Welcome to my website!

I am Olga Kozlova, a singer of traditional Russian folk songs. I am International Opera Singers Contest of Galina Vishnevskaya Prize winner, Olga Kovaleva Contest award winner, “We Are The Slavs” Festival prize winner, soloist and artistic director of the Svetoch song ensemble, participant of the “Everyone’s Welcome” program (Vienna).

I live with songs, I live for songs. Since I was born I’ve been meeting lots of interesting people, so my creative activities often change, from authentic Russian folklore to modern club dance styles.

I try to make every song special and fill it with images, so that when you, my dear friends, listen to it, you won’t remain halfhearted. So that you could see panoramas of Russian forests, fields and villages with onion domes of churches unfold in front of you; images of beautiful pale-eyed Russian girls with long plaits and brave bogatyrs (epic heroes) with clinking chain armor; buffoonery of skomorokhs (wandering actors and minstrels) at fairs; ambrosial locks of social butterflies; charm of the past and glamor of today.

Looking forward to seeing you at my concerts and dance parties.

Sincerely yours,

Olga Kozlova